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When it comes to escorts, there are a lot of standards things one would expect from their services. For example, Toronto shemales tend to be hired for a fucking session where they let their client have sex with them in all kinds of positions in most cases, but they will also accompany their clients to various events, or go out on dates with them. However, while there are a lot of things that one would expect from Toronto shemales, what are the services that are considered extra?

BDSM services

It is surprisingly quite unusual for Toronto shemales to not offer BDSM services, and that is just because Toronto shemales are just so kinky by nature. Most of them enjoy a rough sex session, and the best way to have one is to include some BDSM. Of course, not all escorts are into BDSM, but if you are looking to hire one that is, you should specify what kind of extra services you are looking for. The odds are highly in your favor that you will be able to find a trans escort who will do some master and slave BDSM roleplay, bondage, spanking with paddles, or use of some regular BDSM sex toys. When it comes to more hardcore BDSM that usually requires a safe word, there are various trans escorts that offer these extra services, but you will usually have to ask and be specific of what you would like to experience with them.


If you and your partner and looking to spice up the things in the bedroom by finding someone who can be a good addition for both you and them, a trans escort is definitely it. Since they have a hole and a cock, they can provide pleasure to both of you, and this is an extra service that a lot of people would usually find awkward to ask, even if it is quite common.

Intercourse without condom with an anal creampie finish

I personally suggest that you always have sex with a condom, but when it comes to trans escorts, a lot of them are actually fine for you to fuck them without one, but as an extra service. Again, you should do this on your own risk, , but if you would really like to fill their ass with your jizz, paying a bit extra can be worth it.


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