As devoted cat guardians, ensuring our fabulous feline friends enjoy maximum comfort and quality of life is a top priority. But even the most conscientious cat parent can’t protect a beloved pet from every health hardship.  CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of over 100 active compounds produced by cannabis plants like hemp. But unlike its infamous cousin THC which causes marijuana’s signature psychoactive “high”, CBD is 100% non-intoxicating and elicits therapeutic effects by interacting with mammalian endocannabinoid systems tasked with regulating homeostasis across all major physiologic processes tied to health and healing. 

Think of endocannabinoids as tiny keys unlocking receptors on cells throughout the brain and body, stimulating beneficial biological responses to get out-of-balance systems back on track. By supplementing a cat’s natural endocannabinoid tone with plant-sourced compounds from cbd oil for cats optimal function is restored where dysfunction previously prevailed. The current research on CBD for cat health applications combined with overwhelmingly positive anecdotal reports highlight benefits ranging from reduced arthritis pain, to enhanced appetite, diminished anxiety, and beyond when used appropriately. It’s easy to see why so many cat lovers are eager to invite CBD oil into their feline care regimens!

Reasons CBD oil belongs in every cat household  

The versatile benefits spanning physical discomforts to emotional troubles and everything in between, CBD oil is evolving into an essential staple supplement to support overall wellness across all life stages for today’s cats. Some of the top reasons to keep a bottle handy include:

  • Effective pain relief – By interacting with pain-regulating receptors CBD greatly minimizes discomfort from joint arthritis, injuries, recovery from illnesses/surgeries, and chronic conditions like cancer to improve mobility and quality of life. 
  • Appetite stimulation – Cats with poor appetite related to anxiety, nausea, side effects of medications, metabolic dysfunction, and more benefit enormously from CBD’s ability to kick start healthy hunger signals again.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Chronic low-grade inflammation drives countless feline health problems. CBD’s potent anti-inflammatory properties target sources causing everything from inflammatory bowel diseases to skin conditions to painful arthritis and beyond. 
  • Anti-anxiety & stress reduction – High-strung cats plagued by environmental overstimulation and uncertainty relax both mentally and physically with CBD via modulation of key receptors that govern emotional responses.
  •  Anti-seizure – For cats suffering recurrent seizures and related episodes/behaviors, CBD oil may help reduce frequency and severity by restoring balance to electrically excitable brain tissues. Always consult your vet if your pet experiences seizures!  
  •  Cancer support – Emerging research confirms CBD limits dangerous proliferation/spread of cancerous cells and tumor-fueling blood vessels while also mitigating side effects cats may experience from various treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

Look for high-quality cbd oils for cat 

CBD products are now available for pets, what should savvy cat lovers look for when choosing a formula? Always opt for CBD oil derived from organic American hemp processed without any harsh solvents. The packaging should display third-party lab testing results verifying the safety, purity, potency, and effectiveness of the contents.  Make sure the product is specifically formulated for feline consumption using properly emulsified carrier oils allowing efficient CBD absorption when administered orally. Also be attentive to any flavorings/additives, as cats have strict nutritional requirements.

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